The Ultimate Free Tool for Capturing User Feedback

Written by Bruno Hiis

Jul, 19. 2021

Product Illustration

Featurebase is now a free, easy to use feedback tool that allows you to create feedback boards to capture what your users want to say. The new update includes a new plan called Basic that allows you to collect unlimited feedback from your users for free, forever.

The new Basic (Free) plan includes:

Feedback board with no limits

Create a feedback board for your product to capture what your users want to say. Capture unlimited feedback for free.

Product roadmap

Visualize everything on a single page to see what you need to focus on next.

Anonymous upvoting & downvoting

Users will be able to upvote / downvote posts without logging in.

Create your feedback boards to:

Fix your unorganized feedback process

Organize user feedback, communicate with your clients, update submission statuses, all from one place.

Keep customers interested in your product

Show them that you are constantly improving your product and listening to what they have to say.


The simple and free all in one feature voting tool for your customer feedback. Bootstrapped by two Indiehackers from 🇪🇪 Estonia.

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