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Featurebase is the center for all your customer feedback. You can allow your users to vote for new features, publish a roadmap, and complete your customer feedback loop.

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    How it works

    An Easy Way of Capturing Feedback

    Featurebase is the center of all your customer feedback. Capture detailed feedback on a customizable board and easily reach out to your customers.

    Collect user feedback

    Create a custom feedback board to capture what your users want to say. Keep your customers engaged with optimizing your product and develop features that your customers actually want.

    • Upvoting system

      Featurebase has a Reddit-like upvoting system that keeps your users engaged and lets you know what features your users want the most.

    • Capture comments

      Users can comment on submissions to give more details or their percpective on the topic.

    • Custom subdomains

      Easily personalize your feedback board by pointing your domain to the feedback board.

    Easily manage user feedback

    You can view all your statistics and customize your organization from our dashboard. Update submission statuses and email users in a few clicks.

    • Update status

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    • Respond to users

      Our system allows you to keep in touch with submission authors by reach out to them by email or by commenting under their post.

    • Add team members

      With paid plans you can add multiple managers to your organization.

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    Capture detailed feedback on a customizable board and easily reach out to your customers. Built by 2 high school students in Estonia.

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