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Spending months building the wrong feature that customers didn't want hurts. Featurebase helps you gather & prioritize feature requests. Build products customers need, better & faster.

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Why Featurebase

The best way to prioritize your product roadmap

Your user feedback is scattered across a million spreadsheets. You have no idea what your customers really want, and you're wasting time building the wrong features. Featurebase lets you prioritize feature requests and clarify use cases up front.

Updates every day

We publish new updates every single day, contributing to hundreds of new features every year to help you manage your feedback better.


Capture unlimited feedback for only $15 per month. Featurebase is one of the cheapest featuring voting tools on the market.

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You talk to people who can make decisions right then and there for you. No more putting you on hold and making you wait.

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The simple and modern all in one toolkit for your customer feedback. Built by 2 high school students in Estonia.

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