Featurebase is the best Canny.io alternative

Here are the reasons 637+ companies have chosen Featurebase over Canny.io

Better, scalable pricing


$ 50 / month

You get punished for collecting more feedback. The basic plan starts at $50 / month. As you collect more feedback, it grows up to $ 400 / mo.

Featurebase scales well. Collect unlimited feedback for free. You'll likely pay hundreds of dollars every month to Canny.io for lesser features and limited customizations, which is very expensive.

Customizations & more features

With Featurebase, there are no restrictions! Customize everything you like, from the board colours to CTA texts. With Canny, you can’t customize much and you are left with their design language.

Industry-best performance


With Canny, you are not optimized to receive feedback. Users with a slower connection might just leave and not bother to post anything.

Research by Google has found that 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn't load within a few seconds. With Canny, you risk losing valuable feedback because of slow loading speeds.

Ready to switch from Canny.io to Featurebase?

We'll help you migrate all of your existing Canny.io data with all the votes and comments.


The simple and free all in one feature voting tool for your customer feedback. Bootstrapped by two Indiehackers from 🇪🇪 Estonia.

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