Featurebase is the best Nolt.io alternative

Featurebase has a lot more features, and it is Free to use. Collect unlimited feedback for free, no trials.

More customizations & features

Featurebase keeps the simplicity and cheap pricing of Nolt, while providing you with a lot more essential features that help you manage feedback better.

Nolt doesn't have important features - Featurebase does

No signup voting and posting

Remove the friction from reaching out. Enable anonymous upvoting and posting to let people engage without having to sign in.


Visualize your progress on a simple roadmap. Show customers everything that you are working on.


Publish changes to your users. Show them that you are constantly improving your product.

Collect unlimited feedback for free. No trials.


$ 25 / month

While Nolt is reasonably priced, they lack a lot of essential features that Featurebase has. They also don't have a free tier.

Featurebase scales with no extra cost, and you can collect unlimited feedback for free. If you choose Nolt.io, you'll likely pay more for lesser features and limited customizations.

Ready to switch from Nolt.io to Featurebase?

We'll help you migrate all of your existing Nolt.io data with all the votes and comments.


The simple and free all in one feature voting tool for your customer feedback. Bootstrapped by two Indiehackers from 🇪🇪 Estonia.

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